Fiber is a platform that allows people to earn thousands of dollars by working from home. It is a popular platform in Pakistan, where many individuals are already earning a living. In this blog post, I will explain how you can start earning money on Fiber, from creating an account to placing an order and receiving payments. How to Earn Money on Fiverr

Creating an Account

To get started on Fiber, you need to create an account. Simply visit the website and click on “Join.” You can sign up using your Facebook, Google, Apple, or email account. I recommend signing up with your email. Enter your email address, click “Continue,” and then select a username for your account. Choose a username that reflects the services you offer. Finally, create a password and click “Continue” to activate your account.

Setting Up Your Profile

After activating your account, you need to set up your profile. Click on your profile picture and select “Edit Profile.” Here, you can add a description about yourself and the services you provide. Be sure to highlight your skills and expertise in areas such as YouTube video editing or graphic designing. You can also add certifications and education details. Remember to write your description in a language that your target audience understands.

Adding Your Skills

In order to attract clients, you need to showcase your skills on Fiber. Click on “Add New” under the “Skills” section in your profile. Add skills related to YouTube marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, or any other skills you possess. This will help potential clients find you when they search for specific services. Make sure to select your country and add any relevant certifications or education. Update your profile to save the changes.

Creating Your Gig

A “gig” is a service you offer on Fiber. To create a new gig, click on “Create a New Gig.” Give your gig a title that accurately reflects what you are offering. Just like creating a catchy title for a YouTube video, your gig title should be compelling and attention-grabbing. After giving your gig a title, you can provide an overview, pricing details, description, and attach relevant files or samples. Be sure to use proper grammar and spellings to make your gig look professional.

Publishing Your Gig

Once you have completed all the necessary information, click on “Publish” to make your gig live. Your gig will now be visible to potential clients who are searching for services similar to yours. To increase your chances of getting hired, make sure to choose appropriate categories and tags for your gig. You can also add FAQs to provide more information to your potential clients. Regularly update and optimize your gig to attract more clients.How to Earn Money on Fiverr.


Earning money on Fiber is a great opportunity for individuals looking to work from home. By creating an account, setting up your profile, showcasing your skills, and creating attractive gigs, you can start earning money on this platform. Remember to provide accurate information, use proper grammar, and present yourself professionally to attract clients. Start your journey on Fiber today and unlock new earning opportunities!

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